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Lunch at 星星茶房Miss Lee ,Myeongdong(7March2011)
Star Cafe Miss Lee
별다방 미스리 

A visit to 별다방 미스리 to have my lunch,
Saw this restaurant via one of the seoul guide book i'm holding on,
i'm a follower of WE GOT MARRIED programme,thus when i first saw the restaurant photo,
i just know that this is the place for my lunch tomorrow ...
Cute Entrance
Miss Lee Photo-taking corner
#明洞 direction map
#Following the guide book map
Star Cafe Miss Lee is actually located right behind the end of myeongdong shopping area,
located 2 buildings behind A TWOSOME PLACE ,
 Continue walking till the end corner,
You'll spot this Yellow unique looking building!!
Miss Lee' Pa bim Soo looks ma shi so yo!!
 WE GOT MARRIED scene in Star Cafe Miss Lee
Cute GOGOMA couple CN Blue YongHwa and SNSD,
they are here on a date eating school bento~
WGMデートの場所、Miss Lee学校弁当~

A date-out with Yonghwa here sounds nice~~~

Frequent by K-stars too~~
Loves the interiol here,
Wishing memo pasted all over~~~

#handmade MENU

Guide on how to eat the school bento..
Place my order at the counter..
 Received my buzzer while waiting..
Set-Meal received!!
#My view 
Sitted at a cozy corner 2nd level
 #lunchbox in metal box
i ordered School Bento 5500W
# bibimbap style
School bento consist of cooked kimchi,seaweed,fried egg and luncheon meat....
#Look simple...yet...

 #boom shakalaka
Close it tight before shaking it in all direction in able to MIX the ingredients well ~
This is CRAZY,
i was really surprise that the combination after mixing the bibimba bento taste so GOOD!!
Super delicious that i ended up eveything in 5minutes. 
The cooked kimchi here is DAEBAK!!
i'm falling in love with kimchi once again
School retro-games/snacks around~for you to purchase and try them,
# wishing memo
 Remember to leave your notes on the wishing tree like what most customers do^^

Choose a location and Hang it high UP~~

#i love korea

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  1. I love the pictures that you posted! They are so detailed! :) I went to the one in Insadong. Maybe I will go to the one in Myeondong next time

    Please check out my post about Star Cafe Miss Lee too!



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