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Supper at Hongdae 弘大 (4 March 2012)

Se7en‘s steamed chicken restaurant’Yeolbong

Finally got to visit Yeolbong tonight with VIPs~
with 5 hungry stomachs and happy heart we headed straight to hongdae for supper !
(*VIPs holding on to BIGSHOW ticket get to enjoy 10% off )
The restaurant tonight was full of international's VIPs~keke

Spotted "Yeolbong"sitted on the roof ^^keke
Found some cute 'Yeolbong' photos from online
'Yeolbong'with RAIN and SE7EN
i want a photo with Yeolbong too~
(1)Cute'Yeolbong'doing some part-time job at YG concert 2011 venue supporting Se7en
(2)Yeolbong taking a rest inside the restaurant....keke
(3)Yeolbong looking at JYJ.^^;
#cuteness overload

Back to Yeolbong restaurant;
We ordered 2 Main(Steam Chicken Stew) for 5pax
This was 'SUPER Spicy"!!!!


And the other original tasted just right for everyone!
i loves the chewing glass noodles.
HOT chilli tree above!!!!

#Yeolbong 3D cake
Just how cute was this character

#se7en with 7pose
Photos gallery corner by the stairway,
The lead actress from"You're Beautiful"
Annyeong Se7en
#Yeolbong during day time
Boss' Se7en SUPER BIG poster hanging outside the shop.

Thank You Yeolbong


(i ate well and enjoyed the meal)

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